diamant button 26-03-2014 GIC Persian Jewel Bacchus is National winner 2013
diamant button 16-02-2014 show Uitgeest, GIC. Persian Jewel Bacchus BIS en IC. Persian Jewel Trademark NOM.
diamant button 14-03-2013 IC. Persian Jewel Bacchus, Hilversum 17-02-2013, BIS. Judge G. Edvardson.
CH. Persian Jewel Trademark, Tienen (België) 10-03-2013, BIS. Judge F. Calmes.
diamant button 13-01-2013 IC. Persian Jewel Bacchus, Nieuw-Vennep, BIS,
Judge E. Reijers.
CH. Persian Jewel Trademark, Nieuw-Vennep, BIS young adult, Judge C. Spijker.
Up 25-02-2012 SC. Lionstone's Starbucks is FIFE National Winner 2011.
Up 25-02-2012 Persian Jewel Trademark BIS Junior Gorredijk.
Judge M. Klein Gasbari.
Up 07-02-2012 CH. Persian Jewel Bacchus, BIV en BIS in Isselburg (Germany)
Up 24-09-2011 SC. Lionstone’s Starbucks 1st place adult cat, persian and exotics show season Felikat 2010-2011.
Up 24-09-2011 Persian Jewel Trademark best male 3-6 months, ring judgement in Schiedam (220 kittens entered)
Up 25-04-2011 SC. Lionstone’s Starbucks, Arnhem 2th Easter  day, Best in Show, Best of Best 3. Judge U Loose. Starbucks is now a Supreme Champion!
Up 20-03-2011 GIC. Lionstone’s Starbucks, Schiedam, Best in Show. Judge, R. Saetre
Up 22-02-2011 New pictures from Persian Jewel Bacchus
Up 18-01-2011 New pictures from Lionstone’s Starbucks
Up 16-01-2011 GIC. Lionstone’s Starbucks, Mülheim Kärlich (Germany)
Best in Show.Judge: Ad. de Bruijn
Up 09-01-2011 GIC. Lionstone’s Starbucks, Haarlem, Best in Show. Judge F. Calmes.
Up 04-04-2010 Int.Ch. Persian Jewel Gucci, Arnhem 1e easterday,
BIV Judge F Calmes
Up 04-04-2010 GIC. Lionstone’s Starbucks, Arnhem 1e easterday,
BIV en NOM BIS Judge Lee Selassa
Up 17-01-2010 Lionstone’s Starbucks best in show Haarlem
Judge Ad de Bruijn
Up 12-04-2009 GIC. Lionstone’s Starbucks, Arnhem 1e easterday,
best in show en BOB 2, Judge Lee Selassa
Up 12-04-2009 Totterlands Secret Passion, Arnhem 1e easterday,
best in show 6-10 mnd, Judge Jan van Rooyen
Up 16-11-2008 Persian Jewel Gucci, best in show 6-10 mnd,
Judge Hanne Sofie Sneum in Nieuwegein.